Keep MSU Working

MSU continues to encourage everyone that can work remotely to do so.

If you are on campus, face coverings must be worn (including all faculty, staff, students, vendors and visitors) indoors and outdoors while you are on property owned or governed by MSU and while participating in MSU-related or MSU-sponsored activities. If you have a medical condition that may prevent you from safely wearing a face covering, or you would like a clear face covering, you should contact MSU’s Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities to begin the accommodation process.

As required by the governor, all employees must fill out a health screening form each day they come to campus to work. MSU IT and the University Physician’s office have created an online campuswide health-screening form that units can use.

For those administrative and academic functions that are deemed necessary to return to campus, a template has been created to help guide them through that process, along with a decision making guide. Those units must review and respond to the Return-to-Work Procedures and Protocols framework, which guides what steps need to be taken before bringing employees back to campus.

New, expedited processes for requesting temporary accommodations, flexible work arrangements and teaching adjustments have been created.

This matter continues to evolve. This information is subject to change as determined by the University. Please continue to monitor this site for updates and information.