Collaboration Tools

Spartan 365

Spartan 365 makes Microsoft Office applications and files available wherever the user goes, on whichever device the user chooses. This platform – available to all MSU staff, faculty, and students – provides remote access to a user’s work and organizational tools, and is essential for telecommuters. Programs available through Spartan 365 include Word, Excel, OneDrive, Teams, Outlook, and more.

Spartan 365 is compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means student and health information are protected and onshore data storage is ensured. As part of this agreement, Microsoft will not mine individual data and will only access that data for troubleshooting needs or malware prevention. Spartan 365 customer data belongs to individuals and they can export their data at any time.

Learn more about Spartan 365:

How to save your documents to Spartan 365

Uploading your local files to Spartan 365 is simple. Microsoft OneDrive is an online storage tool that is available after logging into Spartan 365. This tool is the ideal place to upload documents, spreadsheets, and other files for personal use. Files located on OneDrive can then be shared to other users using links.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a program available through Spartan 365 that allows users to chat, video conference, share files, and collaboratively work on projects. It is one of the most useful tools available when working remotely. Access Teams at or to request a team or learn more about Teams, visit Microsoft Teams.

Set up a Teams meeting

If you are a member of a Microsoft Team, you can schedule a meeting in teams. Teams meetings support up to 250 people.

Record your meeting

If you are a member of a Microsoft Team, you can record your meeting.


Zoom is a cloud-based solution for video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, and online meetings and Webinars. Zoom web-based conferencing uses video and audio and is accessible on MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android mobile devices. Additionally, Zoom can be used with conventional phone lines for audio conferencing.

If campus is in modified operations, you can set up a virtual meeting through Zoom. Every MSU faculty, staff and student has free access to Zoom Pro Meeting with up to 300 participants and Zoom Webinar with up to 500 participants. Go to to get started.

Set up a Zoom Link

Through Zoom, you can set up a calendar event for your meeting and invite all your attendees, with whom a link will be automatically shared. 

If you use a randomly generated meeting ID in Zoom when scheduling a meeting, a password will be automatically generated for your meeting. If you use your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when you create a meeting, you will need to create a password in order to schedule the meeting.

This password can be changed to your own custom selection. To change a meeting password, follow these instructions:

If you need more information on how to get started with Zoom, visit:

Record Your Meeting

You can record your virtual meeting for staff who are not able to attend. Read or watch how to record it on the Zoom website:

If you anticipate that you will exceed 300, please contact the MSU IT Help Desk to be granted extended capacity at no cost: (517) 432-6200 or

For frequently asked questions, visit the MSU IT Knowledge Base.

Sharing Media

MSU Kaltura MediaSpace is a recommended platform for storing and sharing your media files, such as video and audio. Faculty, staff, and students can upload their content to MediaSpace, then share it in D2L or other platforms.

Recommended sharing procedure:

  1. Record your meeting using Zoom
  2. Log into with your MSU Net ID credentials
  3. Upload your media by clicking "ADD NEW" at the top of the page
  4. Caption your meeting using one of the following options: