• Personal computers may be any brand, running a modern operating system that still receives security updates. Be sure the computer can run software used for work (e.g., office applications).
  • The computer must be able to connect to MSU’s campus network and the Internet using Wi-Fi or a high-speed Ethernet connection.
  • Make sure you are keeping the software and antivirus protections on your computer up-to-date. View the SafeGuard Your Devices page for more information.
  • The laptop computer must be equipped with virus protection and firewall software, which needs to be installed and running prior to connecting the laptop computer to the MSU network. If you need virus protection, MSU full-time faculty and staff members may download EndPoint Protection (SEP Anti-Virus) for use on their personal and home devices.
  • All persons that utilize MSU resources such as network, campus labs, etc., are expected to abide by the MSU Acceptable Use Policy.


Laptop Computer Loan

Due to component shortages, as well as increased demand, new laptop orders through the MSU Tech store can currently take four to eight weeks to be fulfilled. If a temporary laptop is needed to allow remote work, MSU Surplus is facilitating loaner laptops. Please reach out to your local IT support staff or MSU Surplus for details on the process. There are limited quantities of these laptops available and as such there may not be equipment available at all times.