Keep MSU Working

MSU is committed to maintaining the University’s operations to support students completing their academic coursework, while keeping our communities healthy and safe. The University is not closed; our operations continue. MSU has established that employees should be working remotely whenever possible during this situation.

Following Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19), employees who are working remotely should continue to do so. The University is also requiring all employees who are not necessary to (a) sustain or protect life, or (b) conduct minimum basic operations to stay at home rather than physically reporting to work at their worksites. Units are required to designate any employee whose physical presence at their place of work is necessary to (a) sustain or protect life or conduct minimum basic operations. Employees designated as “necessary” must continue to report to their place of work. Units are required to inform these employees of this designation as soon as possible. Learn more on the MSU Human Resources website.

To accommodate our employees, Michigan State University has curated a list of valuable tools and resources for remote work. These tools are available for any MSU employee at any time. Please refer to the Equipment, Access, Phone, and Collaboration Tools pages for more information.

As we seek to temporarily reduce our in-person contact, there is more discussion than ever about implementing remote work strategies without falling out of touch or ceasing operations. The WorkLife Office has a great deal of experience addressing alternative work arrangements, including telecommuting, flexible scheduling, work-from-home or teleworking, and multiple means of participating on or off-site.

This matter continues to evolve. This information is subject to change as determined by the University. Please continue to monitor this site for updates and information.