• Q. Can I get onsite support to help me record or broadcast to my class?

    A: No, at this time all on campus support is suspended. However, remote help is available through the MSU IT Service Desk at (517) 432-6200, via email at ithelp@msu.edu, or by visiting the Service Desk webpage. Classroom Support staff will be available for remote consult from 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. to answer questions.

  • Q: Can my class meet in real time as scheduled?

    A: Yes, students are expected to still attend class. Zoom is the best technology to facilitate real-time meetings. You should expect students to attend class and hold to your attendance policy accordingly. Be prepared for technical difficulties and for students who might not have access to technology and good internet connections.

  • Q: Can I modify my syllabus? Can I adjust my grading?

    A: Yes, particularly given the adaptations required in your teaching, syllabus modifications are likely. And some modifications to grading may be necessary. Be generous with your students and make changes that are in their best interests and that don’t disadvantage them. Communicate with your students to ensure they understand why you are making changes. If you are comfortable, include them in a discussion about your modifications.

  • Q: How do I handle student accommodation needs given the change to remote teaching?

    A: Communicate with your students that you are aware that they might have needs given the change in instructional practices. Revisit any student VISAs that you have on record for this semester. Please reach out to RCPD for assistance as you need it.

  • Q: What should I do about Honors Options?

    A: Completing honors options is important for students, especially graduating seniors. When you are adjusting how you are teaching courses during this time, please also consider any adjustments needed for Honors College students to complete their requirements. Please contact Matt Zierler with questions.

  • Q: What guidance can I give regarding labs, performances, clinics, and internships?

    A: All instruction is now to be offered in virtual settings through the conclusion of the semester, including finals. This means that labs, studios, and other forms of instruction that require in-person presence need to be modified. Two general options are to find ways for students to meet learning objectives via alternative assignments and/or to find digital or virtual alternatives.

  • Q: Where can I find training resources?
  • Q: What if I do not have the necessary tech to pivot to remote teaching?

    A: MSU IT is making available Remote Teaching Kits for faculty. These kits contain:

    • Web Cam
    • USB Headset for improved audio
    • Phone/Camera Holder

    Remote Teaching Kits can help facilitate synchronous or asynchronous learning for faculty teaching remotely, especially those who are hosting remote video/audio sessions or are seeking to record educational content. These kits are available in limited qualities and can only be ordered while supplies last.

    Kits are available free of charge to faculty. To request one go to: https://shop.msu.edu/product_p/its-02.htm. Select the free shipping option for free, overnight delivery.

  • Q: Can I record my remote classes?

    A: Yes, you can record your remote classes to share as long as you are only sharing within your class in an MSU-provided, password-protected, private class space such as D2L. Sharing outside of your class (e.g. YouTube, social media, personal websites) can violate the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Best practice is to post your video to MediaSpace, keep it “private,” and embed the video inside your D2L course. One technique is to post the video in your D2L course media gallery. This ensures that only students in that course can access the video.

    Here is updated language you can use in your syllabus if you don’t already have it:

    Class Recordings. Meetings of this course may be recorded. The recordings may be available to students registered for this class. This is intended to supplement the classroom experience. Students are expected to follow appropriate University policies and maintain the security of passwords used to access recorded lectures. Recordings may not be reproduced, shared with those not in the class, or uploaded to other online environments. Doing so may result in disciplinary action. If the instructor or another University office plan other uses for the recordings beyond this class, students identifiable in the recordings will be notified to request consent prior to such use.

    To learn more about these requirements and possible exceptions please review the document below.

    MSU Classroom Use of Recording Technologies

  • Q: How can I maintain academic integrity within my remote course?

    A: You should share and remind students of your academic integrity expectations frequently. You may also consider including the The Spartan Code of Honor Academic Pledge on your course page.

  • Q: How do I report cases of academic misconduct?

    A: You should report all cases of academic misconduct to the Dean of Students Office as required by the Integrity of Scholarship and Grades Policy. The online reporting form is available here on the RO’s website. Report incidents as soon as possible for timely intervention. If you have any questions or need more clarification, you should consult with The Office of the University Ombudsperson or the Dean of Students Office.