Keep Learning

We are committed to supporting students by providing resources that are essential to a student's academic success. Given the current status of the novel coronavirus, MSU is asking undergraduate students who planned to live in residence halls this fall to stay home and continue their education remotely. MSU is transitioning in-person or hybrid classes to a remote format.

It is still important to note that face coverings must be worn by everyone (including all faculty, staff, students, vendors and visitors) indoors and outdoors while you are on property owned or governed by MSU and while participating in MSU-related or MSU-sponsored activities.

All undergrad classes will be online.

There will be some exceptions for the colleges of Law, Human Medicine, Nursing, Osteopathic Medicine and Veterinary Medicine as well as all graduate programs. In addition, our research initiatives, which are done in the very safest possible conditions, will continue. We will also work with our international students on their student visa status and those needing labs, studios and performance-based classes that are required for graduation.

To be successful, you must have access to the right equipment, internet, security and learning platforms. To further support your learning, we have a series of podcasts, workshops, and print materials related to studying skills, behaviors, and techniques for online learning.

This site will be updated regularly with additional resources and tools. We will continue to adapt this resource to your needs, please send us your feedback.