Schedule a tutoring appointment today at student.msu.edu.


Agriculture and Natural Resources

Packaging Help Room: The Packaging Help Room is online https://msu.zoom.us/j/644080910


Arts and Letters

Writing Center offers online resources and services https://writing.msu.edu/


Broad College of Business

Multicultural Business Programs (MBP) offers free tutorial services to Broad School students

  • Accounting 201 & 202
  • Economics 201 & 202
  • Math 103, MTH 103A, & MTH 103B
  • Statistics 200
  • CSE 102

Contact Person: Dr. Kevin Leonard Tutorial Coordinator leonard1@msu.edu


Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Mentors (both peer-to-peer and alumni) are available for students interested in Venture Creation and exploring business ideas. Contact Desireé Melfi Bozzo, melfides@msu.edu, via https://calendly.com/desireemelfibozzo.



CoRe offers tutoring for pre-admission [to the College of Engineering] courses virtually every evening https://core.egr.msu.edu/

Guided Learning Center offers tutoring for non pre-admission [to the College of Engineering] math courses and any other engineering course needed https://www.egr.msu.edu/dpo/academics/guided-learning-center


James Madison

Writing Consultancy: Tutors are available via zoom for the first-year MC 201 course JMC

Writing Consultancy 



Music Theory Learning Center (MTLC) is taking place in a virtual environment. Students can arrange an appointment with a tutor. One-on-One appointments are scheduled by default, but students can coordinate a group meeting with a tutor if they wish https://theory.music.msu.edu/for-current-students/mtlc.html


Natural Science

Biological Sciences

Resources for help in BS 161, BS 162, BS 171, and BS 172 are available through the BioSci Virtual Help Room.

Students should see their course D2L site for details on help room hours, Zoom links, and passwords for the help room.

Contact: Dr. Jon Stolzfus

Chemistry Help Rooms

Free online tutoring is available for CEM 141, CEM 142, CEM 161, and CEM 162. Schedules and Zoom links are provided on the D2L site for each course.

Contact: Dr. Amy Pollock, Director of General Chemistry

Mathematics Learning Center (MLC)

Tutoring is available for MTH 103, MTH 103A, MTH 103B, MTH 114, MTH 116, MTH 124, MTH 132, MTH 133, MTH 234, MTH 235. Schedules are posted on the MLC website. https://math.msu.edu/mlc/

Contact: Dr. Tsvetanka Sendova: MLC Director


Online homework assistance and help room hours run by graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate learning assistants are offered in addition to instructor office hours for the following courses: AST 207, PHY 183, PHY 183B, PHY 184, PHY 184B, PHY 193H, PHY 221, PHY 231, PHY 231C, PHY 232, PHY 232C, and PHY 241. Information on the platform (Zoom, LON-CAPA, etc.) and schedule for individual courses is available to enrolled students in D2L or LON-CAPA.

Contact: Prof. Stuart Tessmer

Statistics Learning Center (SLC)

Additional help outside of class is available to students enrolled in STT 200, STT 201, STT 231, STT 315, STT 351, STT 380, STT421, STT 430, STT 441, and STT 442. Hours are posted on the SLC website. https://stt.natsci.msu.edu/academics/statistics-learning-center/

Microbiology Help

MMG 301 maintains Zoom help room hours as well as scheduled office hours with instructors. Times are listed in the course syllabus.

Neuroscience Help

Online help is available for students enrolled in NEU 300, 301, and 311L; students should email their professors if interested.


Social Science

Chicano/Latino Studies (CLS) Undergraduate Study Rooms: CLS Minors meet via Zoom to encourage studying, writing and support in community; 517-353-8685; https://clstudies.msu.edu/

Economics Virtual Help Rooms are available to students enrolled in EC 201, 202, 301, and 302. Students follow a Zoom link and get one-on-one tutoring, including help with homework https://socialscience.msu.edu/undergraduate/current-students/student-success/help-rooms.html

Human Resources & Labor Relations Help Room for HRLR 201 provides 2-3 hours/week of online assistance; 517-355-7646; www.hrlr.msu.edu

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program: remote (online/Zoom) study sessions that focus on select social science courses to help students master course material. Current Courses served: ISS 210, ISS 215, ISS 220, ISS 320, ISS 335, CJ 110, SOC 100 - https://socialscience.msu.edu/undergraduate/current-students/student-success/pal-program.html

School of Planning Design and Construction provides online formal tutoring for CMP 222 and other tutoring resources in key courses available upon request https://www.canr.msu.edu/spdc/

Social Science Integrative Studies Program Undergraduate Learning Assistant (ULA) Program: ULAs work in large ISS classes to assistant students with meeting learning objectives https://iss.msu.edu/help-rooms/index.html


Veterinary Medicine

Supplemental and walk-in tutorial services are available for math and science courses. https://cvm.msu.edu/students/preveterinary-students/resources/academic-support-resources