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Online Learning Resources

Helpful Resources for Students During Remote Learning

Public WiFi sites in Michigan


Academic Integrity

Dean of Students



Effective Learning Strategies

Videos: Six Strategies for Effective Learning: Topics include Spaced Study, Retrieval Practice, Elaboration, Interleaving, Concrete Examples, and Dual Coding

Downloadable Material: Spaced Study, Retrieval Practice, Elaboration, Interleaving, Concrete Examples, and Dual Coding

Boost Your Memory with Spaced Repetition


Studying and Learning

Study Tips for Open Book and Take Home Exams

Study Through Active Recall

How to Read Your Textbook More Efficiently

Study Less, Study Smart

How to Motivate Yourself to Study

How to Study by Subjects

How to Study for Any Test or Exam

How to Improve Your Memory: A Comprehensive, Science-Backed Guide

How-To Videos

How to Learn Faster with the Feynman Technique

How to Make Effective Flash Cards

How to Remember More – Spaced Repetition

How to take Better Notes: The 6 Best Note-Taking Systems

How to Make Studying Fun

How to Deal with Essay Questions on Exams

How to Improve Your Grades on Multiple Choice Tests

How to Overcome Test Anxiety – 5 Strategies that Work

How to Create a Study Schedule for Final Exams

Confidence Tracking: A Brain Hack for Improving Your Exam Grades

How to Recover from a Failure


Math Resources

Khan Academy

Worksheets (Kutasoftware)

Online Graphing Calculator (Desmos)

Print Your own Graph Paper:


Science Resources

Biology Online

Chemistry Resources

Virtual Organic Chemistry Textbook

Physics Resources


Online Learning

Online Learning Resources


In-House Guidelines

Academic Planning Calendars

Instructions for Academic Planning Calendars

Strategies and Tips for Online Learning

Getting the Most Out of Mathematics

Post-Test Evaluation (Math)


Access Resources

Access to resources within the community have been provided as assistance to students during this virtual learning period.


Internet Services

Additional Resources:


If you are near a university that offers Eduroam, you will be able to enter your MSU credentials to access their network while on that campus

Adobe Suites

Books through East Lansing Public Library